About Us

Incorporated in July 2002, “L’industria di Architettura” is an architectural design studio in Rome, Italy. L’industria di Architettura is divided into two divisions. Each division specializes in a specific architectural branch:

Rendering / 3D Animation

Concept Design and Architectonic Planning

From the beginning of their activities, the Associates and Partners gave attention to the development of design representation in relation to CG evolution.
When the CG use in Italy has not yet known, the firm already carried out 3D animated presentations and invested in developing technologies and techniques for architectural representation.
Over the years, the earnest approach adopted and pursued by firm has allowed to obtain credibility and trustworthiness and, accordingly, many clients has decided to commit the development of the design idea in addition to the project graphics.
The partners’ expertise led to the creation of a large number of concept designs in the field of infrastructure, from railway stations to air terminals, as well as in the service and housing market, allowing the development of project ideas based on functional and economic sustainability with a perfect multidisciplinary integration.